Lia Harkes
Madoerastraat 11
2585VA Den Haag, The Netherlands
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As a professional artist I am associated with 'STROOM, The Hague' and working member of 'Pulchri Studio, The Hague' 

2007 - 2008
College of Multimedia, Amsterdam: editing Final Cut Pro/ Motion graphics
2004 - 2005
Open Studio, Amsterdam: movie making and editing Adobe Premiere Pro
Vrije Academie, The Hague: 3D animation
Rijks Leiden University (RUL): master’s degree in Psychology
1974 - 1976
Vrije Academy, The Hague: Fine Art and Film
Artistic secondairy activities
2019 - _ _
Member of the board and chairman of the ballot committee at Pulchri Studio, The Hague
2011 - 2013
Member of the board of the Foundation “Stichting het Micromecenaat”. Its mission is to strengthen the socio-economic position of professional working artists in the Netherlands
2010 - 2018
"Queens Boulevard" a collaboration between the artists Lia Harkes and Marion Röst. An online platform offering customized art installations
2007 - 2012
Member of the "exhibition committee Pulchri Studio", The Hague
Article about art for "Cages of Freedom" in "Pandora, tijdschrift voor Kunst en Literatuur", jaargang 7/nr.5/ 2016
Book publication: ’Immersive Installations': Harkes/ten Wolde”, Stichting HBKK (ISBN 978-90-70003-28-9, juni 2011)
Work (links in red)
Group-exposition 'Forever is composed of nows', curator Froukje Zandvliet, Klinkenberghalls I and II, Pulchri Studio, The Hague (17 th of May - 11th June)
Voorjaarssalon, Pulchri Studio and Lange Voorhout 16, The Hague (7 April - 5 May).
Group-exposition 'Under the Linden, Hoofdstraat, Noordwijk. With gallery 'TripleAProjects, it's all about Art' (june)
2016 - 2017
Curator for the exposition "Instable Media": videoart, projection and light experiment. Commissioned by Pulchri Studio for oktober 2017. 'NO GO' due to lack of funding.
On public screens Binckhorst 36,The Hague and CAS zuidas, Amsterdam. Screenings (nov/ dec)
"The garden of Nietzsche”, site specific installation in Pulchri Studio (may). Live performances in Pulchri Studio The Hague (29 may) and Geertjeskerk, Utrecht (30 may). Commissioned by 'TransMuzings'
Artfair Arti, The Hague , Video-installation 'Yo Japan'. With Bas van Pelt, interior (5-9 October)
Proposal for a panoramic installation in the transition hall Panorama Mesdag, Commissioned by the manager of Panorama Mesdag (HtW)
Arti” art fair, The Hague 5-9 October). 'Mahlzeit', 2 paintings, mixes media (110x 600 cm)
Proposal “Verbinden en Ontmoeten”, light-installation and event for Hilleplein, Rotterdam. Commisioned by 'Woonstad Rotterdam' (HtW)
Guest lecture "The public space after sunset”: KABK, Royal Academy for Visual Arts, The Hague
Light-installation building Santorini Rijswijk. For DTZ Zadelhoff (HtW)
Proposal “Les Ciels Lyonnais - Les Nuages Hollandais”, for “The Fêtes des Lumières”, Lyon. Commisioned by creative director Julian Pavillard/Ville de Lyon. (HtW)
Proposal “The Footprint of Rembrandt”, a multimedia experience in the Oosterdok Amsterdam for the year of Rembrandt. Commissioned by DIVV / City Counsel Amsterdam (HtW)
Theatrical event 'Lopend Vuurtje', for the 'Museumnacht' Rotterdam. Commisioned by CBK/BKOR Rotterdam (HtW)
1995 - 2017
Commissions by Gemeente Den Haag/ DSO, Stichting 750 Jaar Den Haag,R2001, Rotterdam Culturele Hoofdstad van Europa, Europese Gemeenschap/ Interreg IIIB, Brussel', Ministerie van Economische Zaken EZH/ Energiebedrijf Zuid-Holland, ENECO,SVZ / Deltalinqs,Havenbedrijf Rotterdam NV / Port of Rotterdam,Gemeente Amsterdam/ DIVV,Royal Vopak,Brandweer Den Haag,Wereldmuseum Rotterdam CBK/ BKOR Rotterdam,Projectbureau Ypenburg/ Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Leidschenveen,Den Haag Marketing,HTM,Gemeente Delfzijl,Woonstad Rotterdam,Panorama Mesdag, De Haag, Stichting Winterlicht.