Redefining familiar places.

Every day we pass through places that we know, emotionally familiar. Regular spots in a city, such as a square, a bridge, a boulevard. As an artist I transform these public places with multi-media installations and structures into a theatrical décor. I temporarily take control over these locations. The history, function and physics of the location is taken into account in creating a new perception of that space. These associations are tangible in fact and emotion, rendered in crisp images and symbolic reflections. The theatrical surrounding is composed of various media such as video and laser projections, music, sound, computerized lighting and structures. Each medium is part of the new imaginary identity that gives a new familiarity and feeling to the site. This kind of art needs no explanation. The expressive power lies in the choice of the location and the theme, and the way I use these resources creatively. My aim is to create the opportunity for many people to experience the work. I want them to go home with a question mark between their ears and a smile on their face.

I often involve other artists and technicians at my work. For large scale installations in the public space I often work with Peter ten Wolde (as Harkes/ten Wolde).