"De Jas van Rotterdam", installation for Rotterdam Cultural Capital 2001

"De Jas van Rotterdam", immersive installation near the river Meuse, commissioned by R2001 (Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe). 23 june to 5 august 2001. (as Harkes/Ten Wolde). 

Imagination: The Rotterdam feeling, 'do-power', ‘ the sleeves rolled up ready to work’,.  ‘The river Meuse flows through my veigns, that is why I always have to work’.

Technique: Theatrical location of 80 x 90 m with artificial pond and water wall, container wall 90 x 10 x 17 meters, video projections, pigi projections, laser projections, surround sound, computer-controlled moving lights and effects. Music specially composed by the Palace of Boom. 80,000 visitors.

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